Comic Page Status:
Ch 1-8: Complete
Ch 9: Pgs 16 of 30 Complete
Ch 9 Page 17: Will be completed after background is done
Ch 9 Page 18: Will be completed after background is done
Ch 9 Page 19: Will be completed after background is done
GJ Book One Status:
Prologue: Ruff Draft Completed, Being Edited
Ch 1: Ruff draft completed, being edited
Ch 2: Starting
Please read the author comments below.

Author's Comments:

tygermon, June 18th, 2012, 8:19 pm

Alright, I know y'all must be frustrated at me for not updating this like I said I would but I have restarted this comic from the beginning. If you would like to read the revised version, you can find it here:

The pages will be posted every Monday starting July 2nd and will be posted every following Monday at 8AM Pacific Standard time. (Or should be, not too sure what Smackjeeves goes by.)

I am working on the pages in any spare time I can find because I wish to get the first book printed and ready for next year's Comic Con so I will need to do all of the first seven chapters to have the book ready.

Each chapter will be thirty pages instead of twenty, there is improved art and a much more in depth storyline. Much of the original story I had cut out for the version here because I just wanted to get the pages out but all of it will be included in the new version. If I have a surplus of pages, there may be two or even three pages posted a week.

In conclusion, why not head on over to the new site, It's mostly completed though some things I have neglected to fix or finish because I'd rather draw the pages but most of it should work fine. I already have uploaded all the pages I have completed so far so they should post automatically so you guys and gals don't have to go to the site and be disappointed that I missed an update...again.

Anywho, I'm done taking a break, back to drawing! >3<

Advertisement, January 18th, 2018, 7:08 pm

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