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How to make sliding gear like at Halloween haunt theme parks, Kitten style!

Sliding, sparking gloves

First off, the items you will need to make your gloves are all going to be found at Home Depot. I don't know if you'll find them cheaper at Harbor Freight or Lowes but Home Depot is where I got all of my stuff. If you already have some of the items, the total cost might be cheaper for you than it was for me.

Total Cost: Approximately $30 USD
Supplies Needed: (Click the item names to see an image)

Gloves--These will do fine and they're only 10$. They're located in the welding section or around there. Nothing fancy but nothing like 'cheepy gloves' either. They won't last you long if you buy ones like these, they're for gardening, not for what you're going to use them for.
Glue-I used Gorilla glue but any kind of industrial adhesive should work. This is located in the painting section.
Washers-Your parents might have these at home like mine did so you might not have to buy these. I don't recommend the large ones, just three or four one inch diameter washers will do. If you get the bigger ones, you won't be able to bend your hand. I didn't buy these at the store so I don't know where they would be located.
90 connector-these were a little difficult for me to find. I think when I bought them, the guy took me to the electrical section. They're basically an "L" shaped tube that's in two parts. The two parts are screwed together and the top part is what you want but you'll have to buy both parts together. You'll need ten of these, eight that are 1/2inch size and two that are 3/8inch size unless your fingers are bigger than mine. Make sure to size them to your fingers before buying them so they fit and are not too small.

How to make them: (Read all the instructions before starting so you know ahead of time what to do so you don't screw up and glue your fingers together!)

First you'll take all of your 90 connectors out of their packaging.
You'll see that the two pieces are screwed together. Unscrew all ten of them. The piece that you want is the smaller one with the tabs on it. It is pretty obvious which piece you want because it's in the same basic shape as the tip of your finger and not in the shape of a mutilated elbow pipe.
Next, you'll want to break all three of the tabs off of all 10 pieces. This was a little difficult for me to do but with a hack saw and a grinder I managed this part okay.
Now that part is done, you get to glue your metal to your gloves! Be sure to read the directions on the glue bottle or the metal wont stay on!! First, get someone that is willing to help you out with this part. Having a second person really helps.
You're going to have to do this one glove at a time because you use your other hand to keep the pieces on the gloves while the glue is drying. Put one of the gloves on, if you are using gorilla glue then you'll have to dampen the glove fingers with water just a little bit and run the metal piece under water before you put the glue on it. If you're using a different glue I can't stress enough that you have to read the instructions on the glue.
Don't be shy with the glue or it won't stay and don't over do it. If you put too much on, the glue may go through the glove to your fingers like it did for me. If it does stick to your fingers, don't panic because you can peal the glove off pretty easily. I put between half a millimeter and a millimeter's worth of glue on the entire back surface of the metal before sticking it onto the fingers of the gloves.
Now, your friend is basically there to put the glue on for you because doing this one handed makes for a rather difficult challenge. He or she is also there to pop in a movie for you at this point while you hold the pieces onto the fingertips of the glove with your other hand and wait for the glue to dry.
Gorilla glue takes about one to two hours for it to dry but about forty minutes for it to make the metal stay to the glove so you can carefully take it off without the pieces falling off.
After you are able to take it off without them falling off, it's time to do the other glove the same way!
Once all of the fingertips are put on and wont fall off on you, you can put the washers on the palm of the hands. When putting them on, make sure you are still able to bend your hands. You don't want to put a three inch washer on it and not be able to hold on to something when you need to. The washers are only there for the added spark effect.

Now, I'm not sure if the glue is flammable or not from the sparks but on the gorilla glue bottle it says do not microwave or heat so I'm assuming you'll have to clean off any excess glue that's sticking out from the metal pieces. If I were you guys, I wouldn't want to risk my gloves catching fire so I'd recommend cleaning them off.

Sparking Kneepads

According to this web page, you can use surfboard wax to make the pads last longer but you would have to do it every ten slides or so. Also, this will make you slide longer and you may have a harder time stopping. They did not say anything if this would prevent it from sparking though, I'm not sure.

I will be trying some things out with Misch Metal from Mouse Firesteal, gluing some rods onto kneepads and such. I'll tell ya'll if I find something that works.

Sparking Shoes

Once I figure out how to make them, I'll tell ya! :D

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you set something on fire from the sparks, glue your fingers together or do something else really stupid and irresponsible while making the gear or while using it. Slide at your own risk, I'm just telling you how to make the stuff, not to go starting fires or go getting into mischief with it.

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