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Welcome to the Grey's Journey Wiki! Sorry that it's messy, Kitten didn't know how to get one from the wikipedia site so she made one herself. If you find any errors in the codeing and/or glitches, If there are any missing files on the wiki that Kitten forgot to add in, or there are any spelling errors because Kitten's automatic internet web page spell checker isn't working properly, please don't hesitate to email her at tehlast@yahoo.com so she can add the page or fix the error. She wants to make the wiki as full of information as possible!

A warning to readers: This wiki may contain spoilers for later on in the comic.


Edit: Been back for a little while now but look! the first character to have an image is Pernod! 8O Now to draw some of the other characters and input the deity info. --7/2/10 /// 2:00 P.M.

Edit: Got the deity page up and a couple of pictures in it. Going to take a short break to get lunch then going to work on it some more. be back later ^_^ --7/2/10 /// 12:23 P.M.

Edit: Working on the wiki again. Starting to draw the images while I have a chance. I don't have work again until the 7th. Will work on the pages today I promise. I wanna work on the wiki first though. --7/2/10 /// 11:10 A.M.

Edit: Woke up this morning and couldn't fall back to sleep, working on the wiki. Getting the dragon family tree and profile pages up. --6/30/10 /// 6:04 A.M.

Edit: Started working on the wiki again. Just finished the baithen species info on the species page. Going to work on the rest of the species information. --6/20/10 /// 11:12 P.M.

Edit: They cut my hours so I've been working on the wiki today. Almost finished with both of Monday's comic pages. I didn't get to work on the site all day today because I had to paint the room my sister's going to be staying in. Luckly we got started at 7 this morning and finished at three. I've got the species page going, putting up the information I already have on file so that shouldn't take me long. What will take me long is drawing all the pictures and adding the information I'll have to add that I don't have yet. --6/12/10 /// 8:23 P.M.

Edit: Still haven't made that map but I did finish the comic page. I started a bit on the Family Tree though none of the character pages are up yet. Will do tomorrow sense they cut my hours. --6/12/10 /// 1:40 A.M.

Edit: Almost done with the world section. Just have to do the map of Drakenox. All the information is in there though. --6/11/10 /// 3:01 P.M.

Edit: Still delaying on finishing coloring the comic pages. I promise I'll do that tomorrow. Going to try and finish the world history tonight.--6/10/10 /// 7:31 P.M.

Edit: Finally completed the Comic History. About the Author is completely finished aside from adding in more art links and the World History has been started. The layout for the species and family trees pages are up. Will do more later after I finish the next two comic pages --6/9/10 /// 4:48 P.M.

Edit: Starting to edit the pages again. Working on the World area first. --6/9/10 /// 10:39 A.M.

Edit: Couldn't sleep so I added a few more things. All the other pages are up. More stuff was added to the about the author page, Suggestion and question pages are done. This time I really am going to sleep, I can't keep my eyes open and I'm falling asleep on my keyboard _-_ ~ZZzzzz --6/9/10 /// 3:50 A.M.

Edit: Finally going to bed, done with the about the author page I think and all the pages are there, I just need to insert all the information on the pages. Will do more tomorrow or later today. Whatever you wanna call it. --6/9/10 /// 2:27 A.M.

Edit: P.S. If anything is drawn weird or typed wrong, blame DBZ, Kitten's watching season one while making this wiki >_>; --6/9/10 /// 12:56 A.M.

Edit: Please be aware that this wiki is under construction. Until this notice is taken down, please do not send emails about missing pages, files, or errors/glitches. Thank you! ---Kitten--6/9/10 /// 12:28 A.M.

This comic is an all American made comic and is proud to be one.

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